Sunday, 5 July 2009

Odd Shoes.

I made these a little while ago, but they never found their way into my portfolio! So here you go!
One or both of these may become screen-printed cards sometime in the future!


  1. hello harvey. how are you? just stumbled across your blog. the shoes are cool. particulary like the red one. dx.

  2. hello again. there aint nowt wrong with 'following' - i will add you to my list - its a very esy way to check who has updated their blog recently. ali is cool. with regards to the harmonica lion - he is a dry-point etch. i only got a couple of him printed out from the one plate. tried to do it using copper with a proper etch but it didnt work out. i think a screen-print will be the next best thing plus easier! dx.

  3. i like these - great colours!