Wednesday, 31 March 2010


e-bay + spelling mistake = me getting my grubby hands on an amazing camera!
God bless my Northern education - i managed to get hold of a Rollei XF 35 as i (and obviously the seller) have no respect for the laws of spelling.

While i was shooting this roll i was stopped by the Police and accused of Terrorism... After the accusation the policeman asked me "Why are you taking photographs of a car park?" I had no idea how to answer this, so in a slighty puzzled way i answered "errrm... I just wanted to take a photo" - a comment that went down like the proverbial 'French-kiss at a family reunion', and almost landed me in far more trouble than Peterborough's 1970's architecture is worth.

As soon as i admitted i was a designer he rolled his eyes and realised he was wasting his time speaking to me.

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