Saturday, 8 May 2010


In the last week or so things haven't been going my way, so today instead of staying in the flat and waiting for the day to end (Plan A) - I decided to do something positive and become a modern day explorer. I bought a train ticket to a random destination to try and take my mind off a few things.

When I was walking around I was poached from the street and ushered into a Funeral Parlor to take part in their open day. My plan to cheer myself up failed at that moment. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a visit to the abattoir or the local methadone clinic.


  1. A funeral parlor open day?! Perhaps not the best cheering-up-remedy... but I would quite like to go round a funeral parlor...

  2. I am doing exactly the same, going to random places getting lost, finding nice things but haven't yet been ushered into a funeral parlour I think I count myself lucky on that one!

  3. It wasn't as glamorous as these photographs make it look! haha

    I think I'm going to spend the rest of today in bed - there's no risk of being forced into a funeral parlor if i just stay in bed.

    Please Note: As much as I like photographers that produce blurry photos, the truth is I felt like I was about to faint while I was being shown around the "Embalming Theatre" and I really couldn't focus! Although the blurriness adds something to the shots.


  4. Haha sundays are supposed to be for being lazy and eating a nice roast dinner :) Enjoy your sunday!

  5. Harvey you are a genius of understatement ;)

  6. Thanks Ali... I have no idea if that's a compliment or sarcasm! but i don't think I've ever been guilty of subtlety. ;-)