Monday, 24 May 2010

"Return, Please".

I love public transport despite the risk of catching contagious diseases such as Rudeness and Fights.


  1. Oh wow I've just seen that I'm in your 'blogs I like', thankyou very very much :D

  2. Ooo me too! Thankyou :) Your very kind!

    Public transport is the best for quick photo moments :), but I agree with the rudeness and fights and the diseases. Oh and the smelly food people love to eat on there.

    Lovely photos as usual :)

  3. hehe I can't remember being nice! what did i say - it must of been a lie! hehe

    I was on a train for 5 hours yesterday. I managed to get most of some kind of meat pasty all over me (it wasnt mine - i dont even eat meat!).

    I see your following Damian's blog (English Surfaces) - he actually knows how to take photos!... he makes me think i should stick to illustration!

  4. Eww yuck, 5 hours is a long time!
    His photos are lovely and so are yours :)