Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I recently received a totally bodacious screen-printed poster from my good friend Jay "scribble" Taylor! (Cheers Jay!)
...A very kind gesture only slightly tainted by the fact that he only sent it to me because he felt guilty after i found out his girlfriend stole one of my screen-prints 4 years ago!

Anyway, he's a very nice man and it's a very nice print, so every one should go have a look at his work!


Scribblejay's Shop

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  1. When I posted it, the guy at the post office asked why i drew a pair of scissors on the envelope, I told him you had an obsession with cutting "things" up; he looked scared and wasn't amused.

    And I don't care if you think I'm nice I'm still pinching the word, 'bodacious' and pretending that I thought of it myself.