Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thanks Nana!

The last time I went back up north to see my family my Nana handed me a brown-paper-covered sketchbook with the words “If you don’t want it bin it” (my Nana is 93 and is still the least sentimental person I know!)
What she handed to me was a sketchbook with the name Dorothy Scott and the date 1907 written on the inside (around 100 years old and in mighty good condition… very much like my Nana!).

Dorothy Scott as it turns out, was my Nana’s Aunt (my great aunt?) and worked as a milliner in London before moving back to my hometown and opening a shop (selling hats, buttons, feathers and other essentials). She died aged 38 (I was told of the cause but unfortunately I have to admit that my memory isn’t as good as a 93-year old’s!).

Looking through the sketchbook it seems like it was filled by her and her friends, as there’s a few different signatures. I’ve scanned a few nice little illustrations but there’s more drawings and a lot of poems that I may post up here in the future!

p.s. i know that i set-out to only publish my own work on this blog, but i was too excited about this little find and felt the need to post it up on here. hey! its my blog - i can do anything i want and there's nothing you can do about it!

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