Friday, 18 December 2009

Covered in Digital Paint!

After spending most of the last two and a half years creating digital illustrations at work, I had the idea of using my digital skills for my own personal illustrations. This lightning-bolt idea - I thought, would have ushered in a new and exciting digital style, parallel to my current ‘hand-printed’ style (although I do use the computer to compose my illustrations, the individual elements have always been physically drawn and printed by hand).

Unfortunately my first attempts at this “exciting new digital-only style” looks exactly the same as the rest of my work! (Apart from, my hands and every doorknob being printing-ink-free!) This realisation, although slightly disappointing is strangely reassuring and comforting to me.

The image above was created as a ‘crash-test-dummy’ for this new way of working, although the main focus of the image is 100% digital, I did take a little artistic-license and scanned in the background and a few little scribbles.

It must be noted that this is a portrait of karl, he was bought for me by Lorna and sits next to me every day - everybody loves karl.

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  1. Hey Harvey, we love Karl, too x