Monday, 28 December 2009

One Man's Road-Kill…

…Is Another Man's Christmas Decoration!

I always thought my sense of humour was credit to a self-prescribed diet of Derek and Clive, Reeves and Mortimer, and Chris Morris …But coming back to my hometown for Christmas and seeing this, I realise that maybe my sense of humour was crafted by my Northern upbringing.

On second thoughts, this probably wasn’t created in the name of dark-surreal-satire, it was more than likely created in the name of misguided, wholesome-family festive-jollity, and so it should of.

Note: Even as a vegetarian I do appreciate meat-eaters playing with their food (a badly stuffed cat, a squirrel nativity scene, a beheaded Rudolph etc).

Note#2: I just found out how to upload photographs from my phone onto my computer, I really like how they look like stills from high-quality CCTV footage. (I’m sure I’m showing myself up for having a really bad phone!).

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