Thursday, 7 January 2010

D.I.Y. or DIE (or get older and wiser and move on).

I was reminded about this recently, after not thinking about it for (by my reckoning) five or six years. This is a 7” record that was released by The Bloodloss Collective, masterminded by Marcus - at the time, a 14-year old schoolboy with ideas above his station (that evidently paid off).

The art work was drawn by me - before I had much in the way of formal design training, with hindsight it would be easy for me to cringe at, but this lent itself to the overall feel of what we were trying to achieve and what bands were trying to achieve. If I do say so myself, it has retained a certain charm.

Produced in a limited run of 210 - crudely screen-printed on thick rough stock (by, I believe, a member of one of the bands but my memory is hazy on the details). As far as I know nobody was payed or made a profit from this venture. It was made solely because we wanted to make it.

Looking back, this project wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for that special thing that only the young possess: naivete.

Note: Despite everything I have just said, it was made because we liked the two bands involved. Enough said.

The Bloodloss Collective

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